Record deaths and current status of COVID-19 in Myanmar

A statement from the Ministry of Health and Sports on the night of October 3 said that 978 new cases of COVID-19 had been diagnosed and 18 had died.

Since October 1, the Ministry has been increasing the number of COVID-19 laboratory samples in public hospitals in Rangoon Region with Rapid Antigen Diagnostic Test Kits, increasing the number of samples to more than 6,800 in one day on October 2. With this increase, the number of infected patients is increasing day by day. On October 2, 1,142 infected patients were found, most of them from Rangoon Region.

As of October 2, there were more than 300,000 laboratory tests and more than 15,500 patients in Burma. Of those infected, 4,378 have recovered and 353 have died.

“I think we will be able to win the final battle if we tighten the Rangoon Home Stay program now,” he said. This is important. The Ministry of Health and Sports has prepared a large force. These are the last of our strength and strength, and we are preparing for the battle of Containment. We have the necessary manpower at the Ministry of Health and Sports. Nursing Association The HA team is now preparing to add all of these together. Medical supplies Living room The manpower is starting to prepare. Use it now လေး၊ In five days, they are preparing for a full-scale defense. At the same time, Community Base Facility Quarantines will be provided at the same time. This battle, this time is important to us. This is one of the most important times for us, ”he said. Vice Chairman Professor Dr Zaw Wai Soe said on September 28.

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