Question for a free and fair election with the Censorship Commission

The Union Election Commission has announced that the 2020 election will be held on November 8.

Of the 92 political parties contesting the 2020 general election, only three will contest more than 1,000 constituencies nationwide, said Union Election Commission member U Myint Naing on September 20.

“In fact, there are only three parties that have received more than 1,000 votes,” he said. So, although 92 parties are contesting, most of the parties are contesting with only a few seats, ”said Myint Naing.

According to the Law on Registration of Political Parties, a party can contest the election in the Pyithu Hluttaw; Amyotha Hluttaw The commission may revoke the registration of a political party that has contested at least three seats in the state and region constituencies.

There are 26 parties that will contest the next election in only three constituencies. There are 51 parties contesting with no more than 10 seats. There are 19 parties contesting up to 30 seats. There are six parties contesting up to 40 seats. There are five parties contesting up to 70 seats and eight parties running for hundreds, said Myint Naing.

“One party has to contest three seats,” he said. If a party fails to contest three seats, it will be disbanded. There are at least 26 parties that must contest three seats. There are 51 parties with no more than 10 seats at a time. 51 parties won a maximum of 10 seats. There are 19 parties, each with 10 seats and 30 seats. There are six parties contesting up to 40 seats. There are up to 70 parties. There are eight parties in the hundreds, ”he said.

According to the Election Commission, the three parties with the largest number of candidates in the 2020 election are the National League for Democracy (NLD); The United Democratic Party (UDP); and the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

The NLD and UDP had the largest number of candidates with 1,143, followed by the USDP with 1,129.

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